Vignette Nine

I Can See Russia from My House

“Sarah Palin is speaking at the UN…this is a TEA Party rally” said the man. LV nodded and smiled and began scanning the crowd for a snack. “Do you live in 113?” he asked her. Shit, she thought, he wanted to make conversation. Side Note…When a man spots something that is entirely out of his league, he will avoid all stop signs and warnings until he believes he’s gotten it. In reality, the object of his affection, the victim so-to-speak, doesn’t give in as a man would like to believe. She is actually giving up. This male-female dynamic was unfolding…. Masking her annoyance, the Littlest Vampire tried her best to be friendly, but “Why” was all she could come up with.

Never Talk to Strangers

“Well, because I’ve seen you around the building. Welcome.” He leaned in as if to hug her or shake her hand or abduct her. The Littlest Vampire was not a fan of touching. She hissed at him but he was oblivious. From all appearances, he was trying to pet her like a small dog. There were too many people around to kill him swiftly and this upset her. What’s worse, he lived in the building. She couldn’t kill him and draw attention to herself or Le Coopertif Vampyre. The Littlest Vampire bit her fangs into her lower lip and avoided glaring up at him with menacing rage. And the more he prattled on and on about himself and his former achievements, the more homicidal the Littlest Vampire became. She had no choice but to seethe on the inside until she could get rid of him.

When You Know, You Know

As the human kept talking, she felt a tingling crawl up her spine, into her head and down her fangs. One of her kind was near and the thought alone made her excited and nervous. The idiot human interpreted this as an interest in him and continued to speak more…a lot more. The Littlest Vampire just wanted him to shut up so she could focus. Her fangs, buried deeply into her lower lip, were still tingling. The connection goes both ways; if she sensed it, then whoever this vampire was would be sensing it too. The crowd had grown since LV first went outside; she had no idea what her brethren would look like, she would know once she set eyes on it.

One in a Million

The Littlest Vampire’s mouth dropped open. He was standing on the other side of the riot-rally, two street corners away. She caught just a glimpse but any more would have her cumming in her pants. He was exquisite, perfect in every way. LV could feel her fangs get warm against her bottom lip; he was signaling for her. Despite a Vampire’s long range vision and ability to read human minds, they couldn’t see through objects or read another vampire’s mind; LV was so petite he couldn’t spot her through the crowd nor could he ask her where she was. The Littlest Vampire’s excitement switched over to disappointment. The situation was no bueno. For starters, she would never approach a man, human or vampire. Second, if that beautiful vampire made his way over, he would see her in the company of the cock-blocking human. LV sighed in sadness.

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